Beauty III
Make Ford Shelby
Model Super Snake NFS Edition
Vehicle Specifics
Engine Kenne Bell Supercharged 6.2 Liter V8
Max Speed 240 mph
Horsepower 900 Horsepower
Torque Uknown
Drivetrain RWD
Transmission Unknown
Owner Tobey Marshall
License Plate TBD

Beauty III is a car in NEED FOR SPEED 2 that is used by Tobey Marshall to Street race in. 


Beauty III is a white Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake with black rims, a black racing stripe with the NFS logo on the roof. The interior is black with white accents. It has a power monitor on the left side of the driver.


Originally just a normal Mustang/GT500 chassis, this specific Mustang was sold by Gene Khan to Tobey Marshall. The car was built by Tony Slash and his friends.


  • Beauty III features a Kenne Bell Supercharged 6.2 Liter V8 with about 900 horsepower.
    • This makes it one of three rare Mustangs that are in the world
  • This car also features a 6-speed manual.
    • The manual is from a company called Tremec and it was built specifically for this Mustang's power output.


Episode 2


  • Trivia 1
  • Trivia 2
  • Etc.


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